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The Return of Slamball

It only makes sense to see Slamball make a comeback in light of the current popularity of non-traditional sports, such as Pickleball and the XFL.

Set to be hosted in Las Vegas, SlamBall will return as a six-week season plus a seventh week for playoffs in July 2023.

With a strong roster of investors, including David Blitzer, Michael Rubin, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Adelman, and Blake Griffin, SlamBall has closed a $11 million Series A fundraising round.

The creators of SlamBall are now in talks with possible distributors, but they intend to have games broadcast on a regular TV network, a streaming service, and a social media platform. About potential partners, nothing has been spoken.

Further details about teams, schedules and tickets will be announced in the coming months. We’ll continue to follow closely as more information is announced.

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