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Brock Lesnar Needs to Fight This Wrestler and NOT Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania 39

After the conclusion of the 2023 Royal Rumble pay per view rumors are running rampant as Wrestlemania season is fast approaching. One of the rumors surrounding WWE right now is that the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is slated to fight the all mighty Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39.

Lesnar and Lashley have had a long standing rivalry dating back to last years Royal Rumble event where Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar to become a 2 time WWE Champion. Although Lashley won, it wasn’t without some help as Roman Reigns interfered and Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman betrayed him. Lashley would then have to defend the title inside the Elimination Chamber.

During the Elimination chamber match, Seth Rollins delivered a buckle bomb to Austin Theory through Bobby Lashley’s pod leaving him unable to compete in the match. Brock Lesnar, one of the other competitors in the match would go on to reclaim the WWE Championship. Now let’s fast forward a bit to the Crown Jewel pay per view where Brock Lesnar defeated Bobby Lashley in 6 minutes to open the card. As impressive as it is that two guys both in their 40’s are able to perform at such a high level, is it really what the fans want?

Brock Lesnar is 45 years old and a 10 time world champion. Bobby Lashley is 46 and an 8 time world champion if you count his ECW and TNA world championships. Both superstars have had sustained success over a 20 year period. One would think it is time to pass the torch so to speak and put over new talent.

Since HHH took over as head of creative he has brought back a lot of former NXT superstars as well as called up some. The intention is to build up new and fresh faces that carry WWE for years to come. Which brings us to todays burning question. Who should Brock Lesnar face at Wrestlemania 39? The answer is WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther. Gunther has held the IC title for 236 days and counting. Previously as a member of NXT UK he held the NXT UK championship for 870 days.

Gunther is the perfect guy to fight Brock Lesnar because he has had classic match after classic match. His matches with Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Ilja Dragunov, Sheamus just to name a few have been showstopping. Gunther is the hottest superstar on the roster right now not affiliated with the bloodline. His performance at this past royal rumble was incredible. Gunther started off the rumble as the #1 entrant and outlasted 28 other superstars until it was just him and Cody Rhodes remaining.

A moment that still sticks out in my head is when Gunther and Brock actually went face to face and stared each other down before Gunther delivered some vicious chops to Brock’s chest. Unfortunately Bobby Lashley came out soon after and ended up eliminating Lesnar. Perhaps Lesnar vs Gunther is scheduled to occur at some point in the future, but what kind of statement would it be for Gunther to defend the IC title against Brock Lesnar and actually win? It would give credibility to the Intercontinental championship making it the most important it’s been in a long time and second make Gunther an unstoppable force who people take seriously as a formidable challenge to Roman Reigns and the WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

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