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10 Facts on Genshin Impact’s Fontaine

With the newest Region update for Genshin Impact, Fontaine, a flood of new content has been introduced to players. Some of the content will make you chuckle, another part will make you scratch your head thinking, ’Did that really just happen?’ As a player myself, I always look forward to updates, especially since the Archon Quests reveal new bits and pieces of plot that really make you sit back and speculate what’ll happen next. Especially since you have an emergency snack companion with you at all times, except while in battle, she really just dips. Now enough fangirling from me, let’s get into the neat and interesting facts of the newest addition to Genshin Impact, the region of Fontaine.

Fact #1

Fontaine may be the fifth region to be introduced, but that doesn’t take away from its significance, especially geographically. Fontaine is smack dab in the center of Teyvat, it's the origin of all water that flows throughout the continent, and the developers absolutely love to remind the players of this. From its grand architecture to the Aquabuses leaving to and fro, the element of water is seen throughout the whole region. In fact its entire continental plate is elevated compared to the other nations, this elevation provides Fontaine’s border with a massive waterfall that sketches for miles.

Fact #2

All Oceanids originate from Fontaine but left the region supposedly after the death of the first Hydro Archon, Egeria, and because they didn’t agree with Focalors’ (the new Hydro Archon) ideals.

Fact #3

Fontaine means "fountain" in French, which you know, fits this hydro dominating region to a tee. Especially since Fontaine seems to have a lot of French influence overall.

Fact #4

In fact, Fontaine seems to be so based on French origins that it seems quite inspired by a period of time in France in the 19th century called the Belle Époque, a period in French history most notable for its technological advances and artistic flair. Looking at the beautiful architecture, I can definitely see why.

Fact #5

Fontaine is currently made of a total of five subareas:

The Belleau Region, The Beryl Region, The Court of Fontaine Region, The Liffey Region, and The Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region.

Fact #6

The Portable Aerodynamic Gelatinous Bubble Generator was made by a Fontaine researcher by the name of Givalois, it originally made as a means to transport water through gelatinous bubbles but do to the researcher’s inability to create such a bubble, the project came to a stand still. Though the project failed to wield results for water transportation, it did become a beloved bubble toy for Givalois’ children, I’d say that’s a win for the children.

Fact #7

The Fortress of Meropide was originally built by exiled criminals after the first Hydro Archon, Egeria, began her rule of Fontaine. The criminals were ostracized by Fontainian society, and as a result they begged for mercy from the Archon of Justice. Egeria heard their cries and agreed but on one condition, they would hide the entrance to the Primordial Sea as her 'secret'.

Fact #8

Fontaine currently has around 300 NPCs, think that’s a lot? Well move over for all of Sumeru’s 710 NPCs!

Fact #9

Worried about drowning in the ever reaching waters of Fontaine? Well now you don’t need to! The developers were merciful enough to give players a Aquatic Stamina instead of a regular stamina while in Fontaine. While you can still run out of Aquatic Stamina, you’ll just be unable to fast swim for a small amount of time, much like running out of stamina on land.

Fact #10

Berrypuff the Blubberbeast’s Quest is an unlisted hidden quest that takes about 28 hours to complete. Each part is only a few minutes give or take, but you must wait around 7 hours before you can start the next part. Completing this chest will reward the player with Primogem x40, Hero’s Wit- x3, Mystic Enhancement Ore x3, and Mora x23000. As well as the achievement Blubby, Chubby, Creating Evolution.

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